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L1/L2 GPS Receiver Front End

Several L1/L2 GPS Receiver Front Ends have been designed. 

This particular design has been utilized in several scientific applications including being used on an upper atmosphere rocket for space weather characterization as well as proprietary Cubesat applications. It provides a digitized IF spectrum to an off-board client-designed digital signal processing engine.

A traditional heterodyne downconverter with linear amplification provides a very high quality signal for precise GPS signal processing. A low noise front end, SAW RF and IF filters and integrated VCO PLL local oscillators are used. Subsampling the UHF IF signal entering the A/D eliminates the second LO to simplify the circuitry.  The digitized signal is processed inside an on-board CPLD to provide AGC functions and to format the data samples for export.  The CPLD also initializes the board hardware so the board operates completely autonomously. 

This project began with a study phase to identify a suitable receiver architecture.  The identified design was implemented, prototyped and the design validated. The complete drawing package, PCB artworks, BOM details, CPLD code, engineering design descriptions and manufacturing details were delivered to the client.



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